Excellence in Science Teaching Symposium for K-8 Educators


GYSTC has developed an educator professional development experience that includes high quality supplemental instructional guides to complement the roll out of the new science standards that will be implemented FY 2017-18. The overarching goal of these experiences are to ensure that educators are pedagogically science-ready on the first day of the 2017 school year.  The professional development will provide the proper tools for implementing the new science standards. As an important embedded subtext throughout the 3-day training of the teachers will be the opportunities that various STEM careers will offer to their students.


Day 1 – Focuses on broad orientation to the curriculum documents as well as making intentional connections to the Georgia Department of Education Science Ambassador professional development program.



Day 2 – Extends the professional learning experience by connecting the new curriculum with the aim of improving teachers understanding:


September 26th-27th – Georgia College Graduate Macon Center